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father, i think i speak to all americans, we're very sorry for the ordeal the family is experiencing. jon was supposed to talk to me tonight. what happened? >> we were going along pretty good last couple of days doing interviews over the phone to thank people for all they had done to help get him out. i think probably after a couple days of that this afternoon, he took off to get some clothes and run some errands and when he came back, i think the pressure got him a bit. he is not doing real great. physically great, but mentally i think we're going to have to take a break.
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>> bill: is he apprehensive? is it painful for him to talk about what happened to him in mexico? >> well, he is apprehensive. he has gone over with some friends he trusts about what is appropriate for him to say publicly. its scary situation. he doesn't want to bring any danger to his family or unless the future. its tough situational down there because you are dealing with quasi authoritative people. you are dealing with could mexican authorities. >> bill: i understand he was threatened in prison.
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he said that himself, he was threatened with decapitation by fellow prisoners. that is true, right? >> yes. >> bill: and also the prison down there is infested with the locetas who are a drug dealing gang who kill people with impunity. this is the apprehension. he doesn't want to say too much about that because he fear reprisals from south of the border? >> there is always that chance. there were comments leading to indicate that. he wants to get thank you and thank the american public for getting him out but he wants to do it in way that makes sense. >> bill: certainly we understand
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that, but we are concerned because he had to go to post-traumatic stress disorder place in napa, california. she fragile. anybody would be. he a tough marin but anybody incarcerated for four months in a mexican dump with gangsters all over the place. we understand perfectly. he doesn't ever have to talk to me mr. hammar, whenever he is ready we are here for him. but we wanted to get the story out to the american public. let's pick it's up you go down to get your son. mexican authorities brought him over the border and handed him to u.s. authorities. they finally did the right thing couple days before christmas. what was the first thing your first impression when you saw your son coming at you?
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>> physically it was a shock because he was hunched over underneath a blanket in an armored car. >> you drove then to miami. why didn't you just hop on a plane and fly to florida. did you drive? >> at first, i wanted some time with him what he needed. it became clear was physical at that it on pointed. he was so sick, stomach illness and lungs that we made it to lafayette before we had to go to emergency room. >> bill: to the hospital.
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for those that didn't see the doctor's interview the treating doctor, he was severely dehydrated. he was vomiting and had diarrhea. all of this contracted inside son. the doctor said, did you see the interview? >> yes, i did. >> bill: he said we were lucky to get him out then. if had gone on much longer he might have been dead. >> we didn't realize and this just came on within the last few days before we got him out we didn't realize how bad off he. >> was did he say anything to you, severe headaches and diarrhea and had to go to the lafayette hospital, but did he tell you what happened in the prison in the tried florida? >> yeah. we talked about it.
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we had been talking throughout the ordeal so there were a few details that i was not aware of, but in general it was pretty consistent with what i knew already. >> bill: would say his treatment down there was brutal. how would you describe it? most americans don't have any idea what goes on. >> well, i think it's hard to understand it because the facilities are not -- we would not consider them an actual prison. it's more of a facility to house the cartel as they do their business. >> bill: it's not a regulated prison. it's these gangsters are there. they are put in there by the government but they can run wild and do wlav they want.
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there is danger in there. that is psychological thing. the doctor did tell me he didn't have enough food, he didn't have enough water. his body was covered with mosquito bites. he was chained to his bed at one point. this wasn't anything that could have happened in the united states. >> no. it's not something that you really can fathom as a legislate way of confining -- legitimate way of confining someone. >> how would you qualify his state of mind now? is he under control? do you think he hats to go back maybe to the facility in napa, does he need anything? >> i think he needs time mostly. until this afternoon, it's very
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tenuous feeling for me. he seems pretty normal considering where he had been. i think we're getting better, but it is tenuous. >> bill: has the state department contacted you, anybody from the u.s. government contacted you? >> no, other than the office and friends that were involved on our side there. >> the congresswoman has done a great job and she is legitimately concerned as senator nelson. it's shocking to me the state department couldn't get him out. number two, called you and how he is doing, can we do anything for you. we don't want to throw americans away. the only reason the mexicans let him out, i told them it would be
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real trouble economically and finally the president told them to let him out. what capital did they tell you -- what exactly did they tell you? >> the chamber of commerce president in matamores he came to me and said john, this is wrong. we're going to do something about this. we're sorry you had to go through this to get it done. we're sorry it had gone this far. >> bill: you think the chamber of commerce in matamoros as sincere? >> i think he was sincere. i don't know how much legitimately he can do. >> bill: he probably can't do anything.
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but as soon as the big shots in mexico city realized they would be punished by the american people, there were cancellations important people traveling down there. then they said, we better get this guy out. which shows the hollowness of the fabricated charge in the first place. he didn't see a judge. it took him four months. the judge said you didn't commit a crime. he tried to register the antique shotgun. why did he try take the gun, why bother taking a gun into mexico when you know it's an out of control country looking to hurt americans and extort money from americans? >> i think it was a little naive but he thought he could figure out how to legitimately cross mexico with camping gear and surf boards and part of his camping gear and get to the west coast. he wasn't able to navigate that.
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>> gregg: did he want the gun for protection? why did he need the gun at all? >> i think they were trying to get off the grid into a wilderness area. they were thinking, if we decide we want to hunt for something or camp out, this would be part of the adventure. >> bill: i got it. all right, anything we can do for jon let us know. we wish you the best. we appreciate you coming on. i know it was difficult day for you and your family. >> thank you so much. >> bill: coming up next, an outrageous education that legal gun owners are like convicted sex offenders and should register. >> now al gore and we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need.
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>>. >> bill: it's hard to believe but the former public advocate of new york city mark green compare americans that legally own guns to sex offenders. >> if we have a megyn's law because i think everyone might agree if you are convicted child molester a neighbor might want to know that because in your home safe but maybe they can hurt someone else. there is a spillover effect. same thing with guns. >> bill: here now to react, our correspondent. >> mark green should know better. >> bill: i think onerous. >> it's grotesque. >> bill: is that good. >>ed now if the reference is publishing concealed weapons and permits. i don't have a problem with the
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newspaper doing that. i am the parent of a seven-year-old. i would like to know what families own guns before i let my kidding over to play or sleep over. i think it's legit. i think the newspaper under the law of new york has right to publish it. >> bill: do you want to know before you let your seven-year-old to go another house, if they drink alcohol, smoke marijuana. if they curse. its privacy situation. if somebody endangers a child there will be criminal charges against that person. i disagree with you. >> change the law because the law gives them the treated do it. >> bill: i think they will in new york state change the law. the newspaper, its gentlemen's agreement. >> we used to, i remember when the manson killings happened and west side of los angeles had little sign up in front
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protected by abco security. then the east coast we have age old signs that beware of dog. there is a picture of a german shepard, don't you dare cross this. i would advocate putting a little red dot or a black dot in front of the house. this house owns a gun. >> it's legal to own a gun. you can't be punishing or trying to embarrass people for a legal activity. >> embarrassment is subjective. most people who have gun permits aren't embarrassed by the fact. >> you are invading their privacy if you are printing their name in a newspaper and unintended consequences. >> how about publishing people -- >> any crime can be published and anybody involved in a criminal activity can be written about. >> there is a distinction, i agree. >> bill: you are actually beak
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sane. >> can i say that jon hammar situation you led wait in getting the young man out of prison. i wish he had come. i think it is very telling, painful watching that interview. i have to suggest that. this man must be profoundly damaged, jon hammar by his stay behind bars. i felt badly for you that you didn't get a chance because you are responsible for his freedom. i think you put enormous pressure on mexico and the state department as you should have and even newspapers like the "new york times." he owes you a debt of gratitude but it's clear this wrung man has been severely damaged by his experience. >> bill: that's right. he doesn't own owe me anything. if he feels upset to talk to the media, i want him to get better. you know what this is all about. this is all about brutality in
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mexico. when they put an american down there -- these groups or drug scum are running wild in that prison threatening you, you have to take that seriously. you are in a prison, you have no protection. these guys are running around doing whatever the hell they want to do, raping people, killing people. you know what that does a person. in mexico, you should be just -- it's no more excuse for mexico. no more excuse for this kind of stuff. clean it up. >> i don't disagree with you i have to amend it to this extent. mexico has been the victim operations like fast and furious where we have dumped. >> bill: stop. >> we have dumped high capacity weapons that have been used for murder. >> bill: it has nothing to do
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with this business. >> have a naive american with a silly shotgun, single bolt action i used once to kill a squirrel back in 1960. he brings it in. it starts locally with the border guy. he says the americans they've been. >> they wanted money from him. >> so i could see how mexico initially gets their nose out of joint. they should have backed out long before and never should have that. >> bill: these prisons are not controlled by the government. they are controlled by the gangsters. >> i've been in mexican prisons top to bottom. >> bill: not because -- you were investigating them. [ laughter ] >> this is corrupt country and it needs to clean up and stop making excuses, clean it up!
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>> i think it was a tragedy and i think you rightfully ended it and again, i go back to the headline, i feel for you and that dad. this young man was severely affected by this. >> bill: all right. goo nice to see you. directly ahead, lou dobbs and miss universe doesn't like marijuana. she will be here to tell us why. those reports after these messages. >> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e
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>>. >> bill: new economic numbers continue to show a poor employment picture in the u.s.a.. we have 7.8% but if americans were seeking the jobs the same way they did when president obama first took office the
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unemployment rate would be close to 11%. that is how many people have given up. question is will things get better this year? will americans be more prosperous. here a lou dobbs and your prediction is? >> i think we're going to see things improve. not as much as we like but improve substantially so we're on the way to prosperity again. i really believe that. >> bill: what going to drive that? >> we're all going to paying higher taxes including the working people because their social rated going up 2 percentage points. >> i think what is going to drive it is a return to some energy in in the housing market. we're starting to see that, higher prices and march more sales. i believe we're going to see as a result what is happening in washington, d.c. an awareness. republicans have surely learned
5:25 pm
a licenses. this president has learned a. >> think he is going take it to the limit. think that is what he is going to do. he is doesn't care about public opinion any more and he is going to take as much money from lou dobbs as he can get. in the process, because i'm very worried about a reversal people and small business owners they will cut payroll and cut back and unemployment goes up. wealthier people on the bubble. we're not talking about people with billions of dollars, maybe i'm not going to buy that big car because now i'm paying more to the feds. i'm not so sure this is right way to go economically in this country. you are much smarter in these areas. >> we have to agree on something. the reality we're going to to
5:26 pm
see this money returned to the american middle-class create some energy. >> bill: the money the feds are going to spend on entitlements and everything else, that is going to come into the private sector and you believe that is going to stimulate things. >> i think part of that will stimulate because that money left in their pockets. i'm not talking about entitlements but the cost of actually foregoing a tax on the middle-class, working men and women. >> bill: they are already paying more than in social security so the take home is going to be lighter? >> it will be less than it was for the past year and a half, but the reality is they are going to have the continuation of the bush tax cuts. >> bill: i don't know. obamacare kicking in. >> that is not problem, $300 billion. >> bill: and there is taxes all over the obamacare stuff. it's not income tax and they are not talking about it.
5:27 pm
>> here is the reality. we've got to separate these orthodox that have grown up. you have to spend more government money and on the right you have to cut taxes. we have done both in this country over the past 15 years and the result is very tough times until just recently. >> bill: isn't that because of the high-tech age, whole manufacturing and the blue collar. now -- >> if you work for the business roundtable. that is part of the rationalization. we shipped jobs out of this country by the millions. >> they can make it cheaper over there. >> we haven't the create businesses and enterprises. >> all the creators are getting hammered by the federal government by regulations and taxes. >> it's time for americans to suck it up, i'm getting haer78d. i'm going to work and get
5:28 pm
something done instead of whining about this. white house doesn't understand basic economics. >> bill: stop whining and create. and it means paying your taxes. all right. hour dobbs, i'm sorry i confused him. factor moves on bernard mcguirk on and f.b.i. investigating marilyn monroe. miss universe says marijuana is not a good thing. stay tune for those reports.unda . woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the t recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion.
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for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow.
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man: constant tingling in my toes. woman: i had double vision. woman: they said, "you have multiple sclerosis." man: i kind of had to get a grasp on reality. man: i had to adapt and change very rapidly. woman: i had to learn how to drive with my hands -- yeah, that was interesting. man: a symptom may cause you not to be able to do that anymore, and at one point, i was able to do any of those. man: since i've been cycling, it's definitely helped my walking. woman: it's a fantastic opportunity to be working together with a common goal of curing ms, and sharing is the key.
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>>. >> bill: personal story segment. miss universe crowned and somewhat controversial but not a bad way. olivia culpo says marijuana not a positive thing. as you may know washington and colorado legalize pot and denver a potted shop immediately opened up. >> its ribbon-cutting for whole new thing. this is what folks are doing at club 65 and the first private pot smoking club in denver. >> hundreds of thousands of people celebrating with alcohol and we wanted to be the ones celebrating with cannabis. >> adults over 21 can smoke a
5:32 pm
small amount of pot and they believe their private club is legal. >> you can consume marijuana all you want but not in public. so this is by definition private. >> members pay $30 to come in. they bring their own marijuana or share with other adults, but we're told no marijuana will be sold here. >> you can bring your own. >> denver police say they are waiting for guidance to see if the club is in violation of laws. >> bill: with us, miss universe, would you go to that club? >> no. >> bill: no way? >> no way. i think the legalization of marijuana tells people that it is okay that it is harmless. >> bill: you are 20 years old and lot of potted eastbound smokers at b.u., and a lot of people smoke pot there.
5:33 pm
a lot of 20-year-old americans wearing tonight get high. it's better an alcohol. how did you formulated an anti-recreational use point of view? >> i think it works for society. it helps people with mental disorders, people that are terminally ill. >> bill: i'm talking about this club where people go to get stoned, don't like it, why? >> because it tells people it is okay. >> bill: why? >> because everybody has a different reaction to it. some people get paranoid. it's been proven to increase cities firemen yeah. there is so much we don't know and varies from -- schizophrenia. it's not the acceptable for a lot of people. >> bill: do you have any personal experience, friends that that use marijuana or bad experiences you have seen? >> absolutely. i think you probable do, too.
5:34 pm
everybody does. even the people that the at that club there are people that don't react well to this. i think if for example they were on an airplane and pilot used legalize marijuana. >> bill: there is that. the reason i chose not to take drugs and alcohol as well because i saw what happened in my neighborhood when all this drug stuff came in. a lot of people got hurt by it. now, the marijuana is ten times stronger and i know people that are addicted to marijuana. you are psychologically addicted. it's interesting that you put yourself out there because you are going to be criticized. in rhode island there is a lot of potted and med. they are going to look at you, you don't care about that scrutiny? >> i don't think it's scrutiny. the people at that club that is smoking legal marijuana know what i'm talking about.
5:35 pm
>> bill: they think it's the best thing in the world. look at willie nelson? >> yes. >> bill: he has book out it's the greatest thing in the world. did you ever talk to willie nelson, it's like talking to a fire hydrant. snoop dogg, you know this guy. >> i don't agree with that either. hopefully a majority of americans agree with that. >> you have to understand the mentality on the other side let's be stoned all the time. that is what it is. americans more and more are going over to that side. that is why you got the legalization in washington and colorado. >> that is why it's scarier than ever before. >> bill: are you going to make eight campaign, tell young kids not to do it? >> i think that could work. i think would make a difference. >> i think it could make a difference, but i still really believes the root -- i don't
5:36 pm
think it will ever be legalize. >> bill: did you ever smoke pot? >> i can't answer that. >> bill: you don't want to do it anymore. >> do you drink? >> i'm under age. >> bill: you go to finland you can drink there. kids drink, you drink. but it's not for you, right intoxication not for you. >> it's definitely not for me doing this job. we are international role model and especially in this country there is a drinking age. need respect that. especially not as a citizen of this country but as a role model. i need people to look up to me and feel they can look up to me. >> bill: good. i hope you do as much as you can with your title. should critics of hillary clinton apologize? and what about al gore and
5:37 pm
al-jazeera and why did the f.b.i. investigate marilyn monday low. the boys are up next. [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
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and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly in the what happened segment. gut field and mcguirk have been
5:40 pm
absent and here they are. gutted field you filled in for me it was kind of humiliating. >> i won the night. the audience. i'm the winner. >> i don't believe. >> fras depressing they took the holiday trees out in front of fox. >> bill: the hillary clinton, you know critics of the secretary. thought you might be fake ago concussion to avoid testifying from benghazi. should they apologize. she has a brain clot. >> if you want to apologize to her, but never apologize to people who are criticizing you being skeptical because they really don't care. all they want alaska pell. they trying to come after you. you would have to be skeptical of anything related to benghazi because the casey anthony hmos
5:41 pm
case has been handled better. >> bill: he is making a valid point. they really don't care about clinton's health they want to try to embarrass. >> further state they don't mind she is sick. >> bill: now you are going over the line. >> the critics of the skeptics, they didn't speak up until after she was hospitalized. they spoke out in a loud way. if you are not skeptical of the clintons you are a sucker. as much as respect us. >> bill: there has been a history of not being up front. we want hillary clinton to get better. you would like her, you don't like her. we don't wish physical ill on anyone, mental ill but not
5:42 pm
physical ill. the state university in michigan has issued a bunch of phrase that has should never ever be used again. as you may know mcguirk, here at factor if you say cool or awesome you are fined and that money goes charity. we don't deal in cliches here. fiscal cliff for the lake superior university, no more fiscal cliff. kick the can down the road. double down, job creators, yolo, i don't know what that is, spoil alert. super food, guru. any of those? >> fiscal cliff, it was not the phrase it was the phrase worked. >> bill: you use it 87,000 times? >> the process went on for 87,000 years.
5:43 pm
i don't know canadian university wants to ban these words. kick the can down the road. that actually works. >> bill: i never said it. kick the can down the road budget problems, pinheaded debates, armageddon. >> the word that drove me crazy, caution. [ laughter ] >> i hear it every day. every day from this guy. calls, when i hear i go nuts. there is guy going like this. >> bill: you realize that gut field is making his last appearance. what is boneless wings. >> that is chicken wings without the bone. it's now on menus. it's disgusting.
5:44 pm
yolo is you only live once. that an internet thing. >> for a lot of people that is once too many. >> bill: what is yolo? >> the life. kids use that. >> yolo. >> when something is stupid prosecute. >> bill: so you only live once and i can assault somebody on the street. what does that stand for. >> lol. >> laugh out loud gut field. >> you can't make that is. >> how about words like kennedyesque. what the hell does that mean. diane sawyer behind the wheel on new year's eve. more with the boys in a moment. al gore and al-jazeera will top the next segment.
5:45 pm
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>>. >> bill: we continue with gut field and mcguirk and al gore selling the ad to al-jazeera. >> he academy at lookout for bill clinton. he got the girls and glory. he is a bitter. we have seen that. this takes al gore's -- it takes it to new level. he a selfish and greedy. we know algae steer ra did after 9/11. >> bill: they say bin laden is a great guy. >> the troops in iraq.
5:49 pm
our guys were fighting there. >> do you know where the word quizlichk came from. >> norway, victor quizling and. >> bill: and the nazis appointed him there. >> al gore. >> one concern i have what happens to the current one. they are like the star wars barb. where are they going to find work. >> they will be given burke kas and go over to al-jazeera and with the thing over the mouth, just the eyes that is all you are going to see. >> there is a silver lining to this thing. [ laughter ] >> what about gore taking the oil money. al-jazeera was oil money. >> that could be greedy, hearts in the right place but their heads are up their butt.
5:50 pm
he doesn't to have explain anything. he doesn't have to play the hire gains tax, unbelievable. >> sticking it to the troops and the families of the victims of 9/11 is just -- >> and a.p. covered it didn't mention he tried to because the new york times to his credit reported they tried to get the deal done. marilyn monroe, gut field, you remember her? >> she was on laverne and shirley. >> and f.b.i. was investigating her, why. >> i think that she thinks that communist ties was the thing she brought arthur miller on his birthday. >> bill: she was married to mr. miller? >> a leftist or some thought he was a communist. but she is going to be officially, because it's cool to
5:51 pm
be commie. >> bill: you feel the f.b.i. investigating marilyn monroe for suspected communist ties could help her image because today, if you are a communist in the entertainment world that is good thing. >> she was ahead of her time. sex, drugs and hollywood. she was half a commie. she was very promiscuous and she likes to spread the wealth. that is one indication. >> bill: she was redistributing is what you are trying to say. >> she also made under ground movies, soviets like it hot. gentlemen prefer bolshovics and the seven year plan. >> bill: you want to top that? >> i don't think i can. >> happy mayday, mr. president. i new quizling. >> bill: in killing kennedy
5:52 pm
there is a lot of interesting stuff. happy new year. one week from tonight we will be doing the factor at broward county where i'll be appearing the hard rock hotel. back with a sneak preview of the "killing lincoln" movie. the tip is 60 seconds away. [ bb ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> and now back to the tip of the day. as you may know the national geographic channel will debut my book in february. here is a look. >> it's amazing what happened to lincoln, we must watch it. >> drive on. >> to bind up the nation's wounds. a just and a lasting peace. by the hand after murderer. i can die, but once.
5:54 pm
>> this is an act of war. >> and tom hanks will host that program and we'll give you the date when it's closer to air time and by the way national geographic channel has bought the movie rights to "killing kennedy" and "killing lincoln and "killing kennedy" remain atop of the best selling list, thank you very much. and back to the tip of the day. and from atlanta, as a free market supporter i don't begrudge good business strategy, but was dismayed by al gore selling to al-jazeera, spare us this hypocrisy, al. and steve, withholding his name. and jose o'reilly the reason you're upset with al gore, he wouldn't sell to your buddy glenn beck. and here is what i'll admit, steve, you are an incredible pinhead. newscorp owns "the factor" and we reach about 95% of the
5:55 pm
country. wise up. tim donovan, massachusetts, al gore will make more money from the oil industry than bush and cheney combined. that is true. and maurice, also from san jose, al gore exercised good business sense the action is not hypocritical. what is it about san jose? i've got to get out there. jack from melbourne, australia, bill, the economists says my country is the second best place to be born, switzerland is first, but you say the usa is the best place despite its ranking at 16. first of all, i admire your patriotism toward your country, jack, i say the usa is the best place because it offers the most people the most opportunity to prosper. despite all of our faults, ground zero for achievement here in the usa, but i certainly wouldn't mind living down under. and from newton, massachusetts in light of the liberal hawaii report, where would you rather
5:56 pm
live, bill, in hawaii or southern california? i like both places. they're beautiful. and i don't need philosophical agreement to be happy. cheryl chase in california, loosen up, bill, waters look hot in his green shorts and operating shirt. hot is in the eye of the beholder. linda bradley, delaware, shorts and shirt on water was too much however, your attire is always excellent. that's the hinky freedman suits and shirts-- and i'd like to thank darlene winn and the 8th graders in illinois for making a donation to the wounded warriors and ralph stout of greensboro, north carolina and the willinghams for doing the same thing. so we're so heavy into charity here, that's why we do bill o' stuff and that's it for us tonight, please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o'
5:57 pm
the interview we did with mr. hammar, the father of the marine, compelling interview if you missed it, check it out on the fox news factor website, it's worth seeing and like to you spout out from the factor, anywhere in the world and name and town if you wish to opine. word the day nefarious, when writing to the factor and when you write to us, please, if you want your letter to be read because competing with thousands of letters, your first sentence is vital. give me the headline in the first sentence, that catches people's eye and passed along to me. can't read all the mail, my eyes would be like this. if i were reading all the mail i'd wear green shorts and an orange shirt. remember the spin stops here and we'll be definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> and tonight, the victims
5:58 pm
of super storm sandy are being exploited, forgotten about and pushed aside by greedy out of touch lawmakers, because as of this very hour, a full relief package has yet to be approved by the u.s. congress and you're about to find out why. here is the very latest. earlier today the house of representatives, they passed one very limited portion of the sandy relief package that only totalled 7.9 billion, or 9.7 billion dollars to help pay for flood insurance claims. however, the other part of the package which totals more than 51 billion dollars, well, that now remains on hold until january the 15th. now, here is why. now, back in deals, the senate passed a 60 billion dollar disaster relief measure, because the bill was so loaded with outrageous, nonstorm related pork, the g.o.p. leadership, they got to pull it. some of the more outrageous examples of pet projects that harry reid and the democratically controlled senate put into this bill, let's say, 150 million dollars for fishery disasters and
5:59 pm
places like mississippi and alaska, now, somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think that alaska was affected by hurricane sandy. now, $20,000 let's see for a new car for department of justice inspector general, 2 million dollars to fix museum roof tops in d.c. by the way, this is only a few of the items, but there is he' another aspect of the story that we need to talk about. now, throughout all of the blatant politicizing, well, our fearless president, he's remained silent because it's funny during the several photo opes that he promised the victims he would be there for them. you may remember this. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget, we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help you need until you rebuild. we are not going to tolerate red tape. we're not going to tolerate bureaucracy. >> sean: that was the president when politics mattered and that was our compassionate leader how he sounded on the campaign trail and millions of dollars

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